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Why Myna

Education is more than a school or a diploma, it is part of our social fabric. For the most part shortly after we learn to walk and talk we embark on our education journey. The expectation is that by the time we’re done we can become functioning members of society. So where is the tool that helps the educational institutions achieve that? Especially when society and our notions of work are rapidly changing.

Managing the school, students, and the curriculum are all well and good, but how does a place of learning make sure that learning is actually taking place? The kind of learning that is aligned to the changes in society? This is why we have developed and continue to develop the Myna platform; To give each student a chance to learn as much as possible during the time when we most expect them to.

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Learning Instead of Memorising

Memorising is not learning. We can all “cram” for a test and get a high enough score but what have we actually learned?

The system that throws a whole bunch of information at students and hopes that some of it will stick is a very poor system. We can’t “hope” that the students will learn, it is the system’s duty of care to make sure everyone learns, at least the core concepts of the subject matter.

If the choice was between understanding something at the conceptual level, and being able to repeat a fact when asked, we would all be better off with the former.

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Different Ways of Learning

Different people learn in different ways. Some easily grasp abstract concepts and others need a more practical and tangible example. Myna subscribes to the the old truism: I can teach you anything, as long as I can find a way for you to relate to the subject matter.

We don’t have to come by the knowledge the same way as long as in the end we know the same thing.

Understanding these dynamics will help educators create “learning machines” instead of just individuals that pass or fail a module or class.

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New Way to Set and Test Learning

But the curriculum is not split into different learning styles.

Myna has been developed to meet this particular challenge; To give educators a new way to structure learning modules, that are geared to the different learning styles and still have every student arrive to the same conclusions.

To be sure of the outcome, Myna also assists with the construction of learning assessments for each learning style. There’s not point in catering to different ways of learning if in the end everyone sits the same test.

So in essence

Myna is a completely new, written from the ground up, system for managing schools, students, learning, and communication. Ready for the 21st century and the direction in which learning and scholastics are heading as the education sector undergoes a revolution all over the globe. This is why we refer to Myna as an Education Management System (EMS).

Myna can perform all the functions you’d find in similar products available on the market today, and at the same time it is geared to assist schools and teachers in adapting to new learning styles, and new levels of parent and student engagement.

A student graduating today will in the course of their life likely have 15 different jobs, across 10 different industries, 5 of which have not been invented yet.


Our Guiding Philosophies

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Parent First

At the start we looked at the participants in the process of education: Parents, Students, Faculty, and School Management. We asked ourselves: Amongst them, who cares the most about education? The parent. And who amongst them is the least included in the process of education? The parent.

So we start everything with the parent in mind; It has to be easy enough to use that any parent can use it. It has to make easy the work of providing the info that a parent would like to see, and so on.

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Learner Next

For a whole bunch of scientific reasons but also because most people predict that in scholastics the emphasis will shift from the educator over to the learner. And to that effect we are using the label of learner instead of student; A student studies but a learner learns.

Myna can aid schools in managing the change in the classroom dynamic. The school can choose to change things gradually or at faster pace: Either way the design of the Myna education management system can pivot its various data models and workflows from how things are done today to how they’ll be done tomorrow.

When a school uses Myna they are more prepared for where education is going. They are ready to be more responsive to market and social trends. More ready to enable open discourse between parents, educators, learners, and administrators.

And they are ready to tap into a global community of Myna connected schools, broaden their horizons and open up opportunities for all involved.


The Myna Engines

The Myna Education Management System has a lot of different components and modules. The solution is made up of several discrete engines, each with multiple modules so it can better adapt to all types of education institutions, phases, and learning styles. And this approach makes it possible to augment or fill the gap in products a school may already have.

Communication Engine

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The Communications Engine handles all of the messaging inside and outside of the Myna platform. Unicast, broadcast, or multicast. It includes text-based messaging via the Myna portal or the native iOS and Android apps. There’s also SMS messaging for notifications and alerts. Voice, video, professional publications, and marketing modules are also there and can be used to maximise school exposure and drive enrolment.

Calendar Engine

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The Calendar Engine is the beating heart of the Myna platform. The business of education relies on time-based events; When and how long to learn are just as important as what to learn. Also, all other engines and modules use the built-in calendarAPI to schedule and trigger events. The engine provides the common individual and shared calendars. It can also go beyond with custom calendars, complex event-based processing, and SmartSchool  modules.

Knowledge Engine

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The Knowledge Engine is the brain of the Myna platform. Today, education is more than just learning, it is knowledge transfer. New tools are needed to teach and test knowledge. Lesson & course planning, submission, testing and evaluation are core functions that we have extended with modules geared towards on-line learning, tutoring, analytics, and plagiarism detection modules.

Location Engine

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The Location Engine provides the Myna platform with spacial awareness. Monitor your address space and geo-tag items. If your place of learning is planning to become a SmartSchool then ‘where’ becomes very important. The module provides the ability to use weather, traffic, and other feeds for basic alerts but also for complex event-based processing. There’s also QR Code management and mapping functions. The SmartSchool module delivers GPS, RFID, and iBeacons tracking and information positioning functions.

Resource Engine

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The Resource Engine is where the Myna platform assists schools in commercial management aspects. Manage staff and faculty, substitute teachers, parent, student and alumni registries. The standard human resources functions are accompanied by customer relationship management, work fulfilment, billing & payments, reporting and analytics, and psychometric testing modules.


Myna APIs for Schools

Beyond being SIF3 compliant, we are opening up some of Myna’s APIs so that schools can tap into, or extend the functions of the overall system.

This is very handy if your school is interested in having students learn to code. What better thing for the students to “hack” than the thing they use on a daily basis.

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